Ever get sued by a forum user?

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Ever get sued by a forum user?

Post by ilikepeach »

I'm thinking about making a trade/buy/sell forum for a local community which has potential legal issues as it involves money. What are the chances of being liable for the scams or other bad actions done by the users?
Will a good disclaimer message protect me from getting sued?
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Re: Ever get sued by a forum user?

Post by Ger »

That question can't be answered without knowing where you live, where you will host your forum and wich country your forum users will be. In The Netherlands and in Germany, judges have ruled that website owners (forums or otherwise) are partly accountable for what happens on their forum.
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Re: Ever get sued by a forum user?

Post by KevC »

As long as you have a disclaimer saying that people are buying and selling at their own risk and the transactions have nothing to do you the site or its owners and it's clearly displayed in a sticky post, and probably in a pink rule box at the top and even also in the forum description, people surely can't have any recourse to complain to you if a trade goes wrong.
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