phpbb not secure/safe

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Re: phpbb not secure/safe

Post by AdamR »

pselestok wrote:What about protecting it from SQL Injection ?
That's one area where phpBB3 excels in terms of security.

While phpBB3 has had "security" fixes, none of them were serious nor would allow someone to come anywhere close to taking over the board/site.

phpBB3's security record: ... advisories

In my experience of the "hacked" boards I've seen, the board was taken over by either 1) other insecure software on the server which granted full server access or 2) compromised FTP passwords via malware on the user's computer which granted file/server access. None of these are related to phpBB itself.

- Adam
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Re: phpbb not secure/safe

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

pselestok wrote:How about this HERE?
I wonder what you are trying to say with that screenshot, it isn't pointed at a phpBB installation (phpBB doesn't use .asp extensions), and it shows some kind of brute force attack on a MD5 hash. That said phpBB doesn't use plain MD5 but rather a much more sophisticated hashing system.
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Re: phpbb not secure/safe

Post by Saldash »

I am a board moderator on many boards using Vbulletin, MyBB, and phpBB - Never once have I ever encountered a phpbb board that had been compromised that wasn't the owner/founder's fault.

Vb, Mybb? They are another matter completely.. I would place my trust solidly and emphatically on phpBB anytime anywhere. Plus it's free!
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Re: phpbb not secure/safe

Post by simpsona2010 »

phpbb uses the most secure method known at this moment of encryption and it is virtually impossible to get there password without grant to the server in the first place so its nearly impossible to hack someones board,

on the other hand this can be done with virus's but my server password and all that crap is jotted down on a piece of paper not the computer so im safe atleast ;)
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Re: phpbb not secure/safe

Post by stevemaury »

phpBB does not use encryption - it uses a salted hash. And even with access to the database, the password of a user cannot be determined.
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