Topic Category - Implementing categories for forum topics

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Topic Category - Implementing categories for forum topics

Post by potiron »


We have a big forum with already forums and subforums.
For all forums (and subforums) I would like to classify the topics with a category (those talking about meeting, those about accommodation...etc) with a select radio buttons box (optional) in the form when you create a new topic.

I saw that working with PunBB here: ... ruges.html
Maybe it is a version of the mod here: ... rum-topics

Would it be possible for someone to adapt the PunBB mod to phpBB with select category with drop down?
I assume that it will required a new column catID in the topics, and in the new topic something like:

Code: Select all

You may choose a category for your message from the following list: <br>
<input value="1" name="t_cat_id" type="radio">New members <br><input value="2" name="t_cat_id" type="radio">Networking <br><input value="3" name="t_cat_id" checked="checked" type="radio">Everyday life <br>.... etc
Tons of thanks in advance for any help :-)

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