what are two operators (=> , ->) called?

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what are two operators (=> , ->) called?

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what are following two operators in PHP called?; need to search internet for its simple info and correct usage. Do not understand what they do.

First operator is

Second operator is


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if ($forum_id == 104)
        $sort_by_text = array('t' => $user->lang['TOPIC_TITLE']);
        $sort_by_sql = array('t' => 't.topic_title');
        $sort_dir = 'a';
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Re: what are two operators (=> , ->) called?

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Re: what are two operators (=> , ->) called?

Post by AmigoJack »

PHP support is beyond the scope of phpBB.
  1. php.net/operator
  2. See the link operator precedence which also lists which operator has which meaning in general.
  3. => is for (array key) assignments.
  4. (not listed) -> is the object operator (object oriented programming) to relate objects and methods/properties.
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