Debugging PhpBB with Eclipse or Netbeans

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Debugging PhpBB with Eclipse or Netbeans

Post by SoniaCox92 »

I'm trying to get into development for phpBB3. I wanted to compile the software and follow the steps using debugging. I have done this with Wordpress and Eclipse. What is the best software for doing this with phpBB3? Are there any guidelines for doing this? Please let me know.


- Sonia
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Re: Debugging PhpBB with Eclipse or Netbeans

Post by Sajaki »

First off, PHP isn't compiled, it's interpreted

For debugging, as with wordpress, phpbb should work with Eclipse PDT / Netbeans with xdebug.

I'm using the zend debugger in zend studio. it has a firefox toolbar so you can start a debug session from any page.

I've had less success debugging anything built on Codeigniter because it doesn't accept GET requests though.
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Re: Debugging PhpBB with Eclipse or Netbeans

Post by soldon »

I use Netbeans for development and debugging. So far one of the best IDEs around. Eclipse is to confusing and much to slow for me. It's not very hard to make it work. Netbeans is free, xdebug is free.

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