Removing old PMs
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Removing old PMs

Post by ingeva »

There are a couiple of posts about PMs here, but none seem to consider the fact that PMs are never deleted from the database. I think this is very unfortunate.

I have installed a MOD to moderate/delete PMs, but am unable to use it because there's no menu for it. Also, when old PMs are to be deleted, it shouldn't be necessary, or even allowed, to see them. All that's required is that the sender and/or receiver has deleted them.

There's talk about Terabyte disks here, having plenty of room - but really, that shouldn't be the issue. However, users should feel confident that PMs which are no longer current, are really deleted. Some might contain incorrect or sensitive information, and it should be possible to eliminate the risk of spreading such information.
Besides, when a database grows to be quite large, it may become impossible to make backups because of timeout issues - and some wehbosts allow only to use a certain amount of disk space.

Personally I'm not sure that I can delete PMs from the database directly without creating trouble for myself and the users, and I guess that most board owners feel the same way.


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Posted by ingeva
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Re: Removing old PMs

Post by AmigoJack »

ingeva wrote:PMs are never deleted from the database
They are, if a PM has no more participants. If you mean instead "pruned automatically" then it should be a setting per account, as i.e. I do want them to live on forever.
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Re: Removing old PMs

Post by king577 »

good! (:
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Re: Removing old PMs

Post by D@ve »

but none seem to consider the fact that PMs are never deleted from the database. I think this is very unfortunate.
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