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Post by Volksdevil »

Got ya, cheers for the help :)
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Re: View new post by section

Post by Triade »

Just another strange thing:

when i click on this search,
i always find the same topics also if i read them.
they don't disappear after being readed.

yesterday i gound this:
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da omopelo » 15 gen 2014, 14:59

Today i found the same, but it's not new, I read it!

I'd want the tiopic i read (or i have not read because they don't interest me) disappear from the search.

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Re: View new post by section

Post by AmigoJack »

That means that the unmodified version would behave the same way.

The whole mechanism is based on your session - if that is still the same as of "yesterday" (keep in mind that "today" and "yesterday" can have a distance shorter than 1 minute) you still get the very same results. To actively kill your session, log out. Otherwise sessions live on for at least their defined time (by default 1 hour) or more after your last site request (leaving an AJAX chat open makes site requests permanently).
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The problem is probably not my English but you do not want to understand correctly.
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