[BETA] Quest MOD v2.3.1 (MMORPG MOD)

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Post by DKing »

OOOH! Interesting... could come in handy!

*clicks download link...*


There's a BIG problem here! There is a page error for the download! Oh no!
I guess I cant have it then :cry: :cry: :( :oops: :?

Please update the link, or if anyone has it hosted somewhere else, could they say so?


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Post by Bankotsu »

If someone has a link to their version they download can you please pm me or post it on this topic I would greatly apperciate it.

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Post by Mini_Dragon »

Why do we need one of those 2 mods?
I dont want 2 rpg mods.. just one.

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Post by scs »

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Post by kanibalas2 »

does the adr do smothing...i have it but i can go to the quest mod and i dont have to register on adr...and another thing...i added a map but it doesnt show up on the quest mod...take a look your self http://kanibalas2.tinklapiai.lt/forum/u ... 847e9579e2#

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Post by CoRuP7ioN »

Is there a way to make it so when your walking around on the map, every so many tiles it starts a battle with a monster?

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Post by MaestroX »

Any chance of making a standalone version so ADR isn't required?

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Post by MasterOfAll »

A question.... work with RPG +?

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Post by chase_turpin »

Is this mod still alive?

Is there an english download?

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Post by Legacyblade »

I don't think it is still alive (if I learn to program, I might take it over), but the English download is


I personally haven’t been able to test it, but it looks WAY cool!

I REALLY want someone to take it over though, because I have no confidence in my abilities.

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Post by Legacyblade »

BTW does anyone know how to create sprites? I model detailed 3D models...and I might be able to convert some of these to sprites!

Also, does anyone know where I can get some good PHP tutorials?

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Re: [BETA] Quest MOD v2.3.1 (MMORPG MOD)

Post by catghost »

Sorry for reviving old threads, but does anyone know where I can find the adr port files for Quest Mod 2.5.0?

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