bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

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bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

Post by techman41973 »

Often, I want to write longer articles offline before posting to my forum.
I've found a few offline BBCODE based editors with a window that shows you how it will look formated.
Each of these programs has some issues, so I'm wondering if other people have different solutions or tools that they use to write posts offline.

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Re: bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

Post by Big-Jim »

When I want to write a real long response to a post, I will write it in Microsoft Word. Once I am satisfied with how it sounds, I will do a "copy and paste" and post it in the forum. I realize some of the formatting may not be exactly what I had wanted, but I am more interested in spelling and grammar than I am with formatting. That is what I do, you may feel differently about it.
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Re: bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

Post by Татьяна5 »

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Re: bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

Post by Pony99CA »

I just write in Notepad and insert the BBCode myself as text. When I paste it into a post, I preview the post (something that you should always do anyway to avoid broken links and unfinished/misplaced tags) and fix anything that doesn't look right.

If you're interested in spelling/grammar checking, a word processor would be OK, but I wouldn't use its formatting at all; I'd just type in the BBCode directly.

I can't imagine that off-line BBCode editors handle custom BBCodes anyway, so I suspect they'd only be good for the lowest common denominator of BBCode (Bold, Italic, Underline and maybe Quote and Link).

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Re: bbcode editor for offline writing of posts

Post by Oyabun1 »

Татьяна5 wrote:(local server) and phpBB
Yes, setting up a local version of the board has numerous other benefits as well.

For writing long posts it is particularly useful because you can use the same BBCodes as are installed on the board and can view the formatted post on the same style(s) used by the live board. For example, if you use an editor that has a light background but the board uses a style with a dark background choosing appropriate font colours can be a challenge.

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