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Post models

Post by leschek »

Would like to ask if somebody can create extension from Post models MOD. It allows to create (in ACP) kind of templates (for example text with some BBCode formatting) for posts or PM's.
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Re: Post models

Post by Jessica »

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Re: Post models

Post by Volksdevil »

+1. With ability for validation, drop down menu's etc.

If it helps, I have some hard coded pages that do this? With fallback validation for mobile devices too. It's a little messy but it works a treat.

Consists of:
1/ my_page.php in ROOT.
2/ my_page_submit.php in ROOT.
3/ my_page.html in template folder.
4/ A small core code change to viewforum.php in ROOT.
5/ Additional/optional change to overall_footer.html in template folder, to add fallback mobile validation. This adds jquery add on from a CDN.

When you view a chosen forum, hitting 'New topic' takes you to step 2 (my_page_submit.php), the form is filled in, and then posted. It actually goes to the edit post screen so people can edit/add pics etc. It's all probably a little oldskool regards an Extension though... :oops:
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Re: Post models

Post by Raul [ThE KuKa] »

+1 :)
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Re: Post models

Post by Maxstar »


I hope this mod will be available as a extension voor phpBB..
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Re: Post models

Post by Wolfsblvt »

It is on my list :P
But not very high up. If someone other want to take this, I won't mind.
Otherwise you can expect me to do something here in the future, but not very soon.
If you have a specific extension request and you are willing to pay for, you can write me a PM.
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Re: Post models

Post by Roseaux »


I want to use this mod on my forum but it's no longer usable on phpbb 3.1, it would be really nice if someone want to continue this project.

I hope that a kind soul will devote

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