[Request] Digital style for phpBB3.1

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[Request] Digital style for phpBB3.1

Post by Maxstar »


The Digital style made by A1ex is not updated after 2012. I've send A1ex an e-mail a couple of months ago, but no response. So I think his e-mail-adres is not longer in use?

I really like this style for phpBB, and maybe more people. Because this style is not maintained anymore I want to request if someone would like to update this style.
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Re: [Request] Digital style for phpBB3.1

Post by Talk19Zehn »

Hello, Is your web space for 3.1.x already prepared? Please, work only in your copy, so nothing goes broken.

Based on the code changes (styles), it is also possible to update a style even if you are sure. The design is based on prosilver (last version phpBB-3.0.11). Look the style code changes 3.0.11_to_3.0.13pl1 if your System-Version of phpBB is consistent--- ;) Maybe you're able to make the update itself to manually and also to undergo your customizations even the update. Do you know the style code changes and can apply?

https://area51.phpbb.com/code-changes/3 ... -prosilver

Then same from 3.0.13pl1 to 3.1.0 = change step by step and check each step.

Did you already adapted to the style on 3.1.x? It is not hard ... ;) and than take a look for the next step:


Perhaps you find an updater. Best wishes!
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Re: [Request] Digital style for phpBB3.1

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

almost all of the style files are different from 3.0 to 3.1

the best thing to do is to create a new style or a child style of prosilver.

give it the basic changes, in this case it is a headerbar that is full width and some basic color changes and icon changes. just copy those from the digital style over to your new child style.

trying to update a 3.0 style to 3.1 would take much longer as you have to edit every single file with a lot of changes.

I'm baaaaaccckkkk. still doing work on donation basis. PM your needs.

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