In this forum, how do you delete an account?

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In this forum, how do you delete an account?

Post by frankoamiricano »

Hello, I have a phpBB forum just like this one. There are a few places on the web as well as in the faq that point to how to delete your account from your profile, there is may be a delete account link at the bottom of your profile page. But you are supposed to get there from some users and groups tab but all I see is the uaergroups which is entirely different.

I can login, I have updated my password which was my main concern since my password manager has been bothering me that phpBB has had a password leak in the past.

However, I would like to start clean, new username, new email, new password, and have my account fully delete, can someone walk me through the steps, as I am lost.
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Re: In this forum, how do you delete an account?

Post by Oyabun1 »

There is no way with standard phpBB, or phpBB as installed here, for a normal user to delete an account. That requires administrator permissions. Since you are not an administrator here, you cannot do that. As a rule, accounts won't be deleted here.

If you want your username changed, and have a good reason for that to occur, you could contact someone on the Moderator Team and request that. You can change your password and email account from within the User Control Panel.
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Re: In this forum, how do you delete an account?

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

If you are talking about wanting to do this on your own board then you can do it.

first you would need to create your new account with the new name etc.
then, log in with your original founder/admin account and make that new user a founder.
then add the new user to whatever groups you want to be in etc.

then simply use the new account instead of the old one. unless there is a security reason to delete the old account I would leave it in place in case something happens and you can't log in with the new account.

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