phpbb attacked again - zatron passthru!

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Post by mes »

How can I firewall a port on my server? How come it is only me affected by this could it not happen to anyone using phpbb, seeing as im using the latest version?

anyway, thanks for the advice TMAN.

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Post by The Techboy »

Before you upgraded your forum, was it exploited?

Perhaps, this is the host using out-of-date information.
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Post by Techie-Micheal »

mes wrote: Not sure about apace access logs or IIS access logs.

We use for hosting and access via administered by pipex.

Basically they are saying dont use phpbb, but I like phpbb and am used to it never had any problems like this before.

The only info I have is : It has been noticed that your site is vulnerable and has been exploited as a result by using the "passthru" option.

If that means anything to anyone i'm not sure, but were keeping the board down for the time being.

It was a fresh install of phpbb 2.0.11 on a database from a previous instalation.


Hrm. Could you ask them for access logs? Also, how large is your database?
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