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Re: [ALPHA] phpBB.de Pastebin

Post by 3Di »

gn#36 wrote:I don't know whether the variable names I chose work with that cronjob monitoring extension, though, but that is a minor thing that could obviously be easily changed.
gn#36 wrote:Regarding Geshi: Well, it should also be easier to replace geshi with something else if I keep all the external code nice and separate inside that vendor dir. Makes it very clear what is external and what is not. Also, this way I don't have to fix any coding guideline violations reported by the extension prevalidator inside geshi when I turn it in for the Extension database.
For Olympus I added a check for IN_PHPBB to every file, I don't know ATM what kind of errors EPV throws out though, I need to investigate.

Abouth the main geshi.php file, at the present time I am thinking about to divide it, like all of those defines .. creating a constant file or multiple constants files is better, no garbage files.. functions as functions file too and the geshi class revisited in order to fit the coding guidelines. In this case I see you can get rid of multiple geshi functions too. Let's say rewriting the geshi engine. :geek:

About the language files (geshi dir) I believe they do need a check for IN_PHPBB.

I did just read the code on the fly, on github (geshi 1.0 above linked).
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Re: [ALPHA] phpBB.de Pastebin

Post by salvocortesiano »

nice extension :) In attached the 3 files in italian language ;)
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Re: [ALPHA] phpBB.de Pastebin

Post by Crizzo »

I made a few updates in the last time, so it runs well with 3.2 and 3.3, but is not yet validated.

But you can try it on your own risk: https://github.com/phpbb-de/phpbb-ext-p ... /tag/2.0.2 :)
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