User online Issue

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User online Issue

Post by Fight-BB » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:23 am

I facd a sql error recently which my hos proivider had to edit the php.ini problem to fix that
ever since that im sites user online list gone down drastically.
I usuall use to have around 1000 guest and users 24/7 in whose online list which I think I put 999 mins in ACP so user wont log out till then,

But It seem like that it's not working anymore
I always have 250 - 300 users on now

Someone sugessted dit the index php file
'TOTAL_USERS' => $user->lang('TOTAL_USERS', (int) $config['num_users']),

but I just want my user stats to be online 24 hours once they log/view the page.
Any help would be appreciated


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