Stuck in "solve the CAPTCHA"

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Stuck in "solve the CAPTCHA"

Post by dondri » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:17 pm

I should have known better. I was (as admin) trying to help a member figure out their password and in doing so, now even I, every time I log in I am asked about exceeding the limits of loggin in and have to solve the captcha. Even as Admin, I am stuck in this (trying to help someone out)

Yes, I even successfully log in finally, then I really need to log out as I usually do. then when I try to log back in, the same message. Once I logged in, I went and even changed my password. Still logging out and back in again, same message. Everything was fine until I was trying to help a member. I should have thought about that before entering a bunch of nonsense passwords for the person, but just trying to help, I forgot about my own admin setups !!! good greif.

How can I resolve this. I was using the GD Image and then I set it to Q&A then I cleared my history.

Can I just re upload like the includes folder (from backup), or is there another folder or file that can over write all this?

One other thing I though of is going to my admin panel front page and clearing the cache files.


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