Converting from phpbb2 to phpbb3.2.x using CLI ?

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Converting from phpbb2 to phpbb3.2.x using CLI ?

Post by Baldurien » Wed May 16, 2018 8:09 pm


I see that phpbb3 comes with a nice CLI with ANSI colors (ncurse interface would be nice too :P).

Is it possible to trigger a migration using only CLI ? (and the reason behind is that the web migration is slow, especially for a forum with 190k messages; I'd like to test several stuff, such as old custom bbcode to be migrated, ...).

My principal concerns are:

- bbcode not parsed (for example, an old [nwnscript], [size=$X] (with specific set of font-size), ...
- topic_title not parsed (I've added some syntax to highlight part of the title) that I'll need to remove.


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