How I Can Build My Own Twigs

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How I Can Build My Own Twigs

Post by Mr_LonEly » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:24 am


I am Customizing My forum Style and Added 2 Side bards in Which I want to Display Widgets Like Portal on index page and I have done . I know there exist a Protal but i don,t like to use that protal
Now Problem is .
I Want to get Twigs of functions_displays.php on index_body.html even already included on index.php and fuctions.php but Twigs Never works on idex_body.html

Like I want to Show Avatar Rank Imag Posts and Portal like Materials on index_body.html these are examples --> {User_Avators } {user_rank} {rank_img} and other statistics releated Twigs defined on Fuctions_display.php and other files

Problem 1 . How i can Access of any Twigs that are defined on any File like path = root/include/fuction_display.php on Index page even I tried Many times to include this file on index.php or fuctions.php but the twigs that are defined in fuction_display.php are not resulting on index_body.html

prblem 2 . How i can define my own twigs to get any data from database .

Help Me Please or Give me fuctions.php file Through i can Access all Twigs Releatd to profile Twigs that are already defined on index.php and fuctions.php are accessible on index_body.html only !. I want others Also so Please Help me to find Basic of these Twigs to understand Thank You
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Re: How I Can Build My Own Twigs

Post by GanstaZ » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:16 am

There are 2 ways to make it work: custom coding or extension. Some template variables are global some you may need to inject. After template file edits you need to clear the cache. Everything depends on what is that you want to display on index (or any other page).
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