PHP Warning in register page

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PHP Warning in register page

Post by thecas »

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[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/phpbb/language/language.php on line 313: vsprintf(): Too few arguments
After open for the first time: ucp.php?mode=register
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Re: PHP Warning in register page

Post by warmweer »

You're using phpBB 3.3.0 with flat-style-red for phpBB3.2.2.
If you switch to prosilver, does the problem persist?

Also, I suspect you're using the Italian language pack for 3.2.8 (no 3.3.0 available yet), perhaps something in the 3.3.0 language pack has changed?
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Re: PHP Warning in register page

Post by pierredu »

There is something like that in the UCP, because there is no upper limit anymore for the password length.
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Re: PHP Warning in register page

Post by Noxwizard »

Are you using an updated version of your language pack for 3.3.0?
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