Facebook and PHPBB integration

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Facebook and PHPBB integration

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It's been some years since I last posted (back in the days of 3.1.x). The main reason for my apathy has been related to the shift of individuals preferring to use social media sites such as Facebook groups to share content.

Back at the time, I raised some questions around the longer term strategy of PHPBB to integrate closer with social media tech, to compliment, and seamlessly share content back and forth.

I've done some searching on this board to find out if there any advances, but most questions posted on this seem to end around 2016. It may be I've failed to use the correct search terms to find any advances made in this area?

With 3.3.x, are there any development along side the FB groups API, or any sort of extension that is available to share posts between a PHPBB board and Facebook?
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Re: Facebook and PHPBB integration

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Maybe this extension? It's for 3.2, so it may or may not work with 3.3
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