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back up...

Post by michaeldcoates »

hi there, i have recently created a new phpbb forum and have completely modified the layout, pictures and added several mods to it - it's pretty much exactly how i wanted it.

before i release it to the public, how can i save all the files as they are in case something goes wrong? - there's only a few posts in it that i dont really care for but as far as all my modifications go i would love to keep my board how it is in case anything goes wrong with it.

any advice? i checked the backup section in the admin panel but only got a tiny sql file out of it...

thanks for reading!
mik x
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Post by Bobble »

I would suggest FTPing the entire site to a directory on your PC.
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Post by crazykiller_dude »

if you only want to back up your forum then only FTP ur forum directory to ur computer. the SQL file contains all the information needed to run the forum basically like your members what forums u got and so on so i suggest u do a regular backup of that as well.
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Name: Michael Tunnell

Post by MichaelTunnell »

the above posts are right...if you want to be sure you have a backup save the files to your computer. As far as your sql tables you would have to do a backup via cPanel or myphpadmin. But since that is not your worry just copy its content to your computer.

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