Deactivation Email Notification not working

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Deactivation Email Notification not working

Post by lgis »

Hi, everything is working fine and registration account send emails, message post, forum post, etc. are working Ok, but when manually deactivate or activate a user (from Purge list or Inactive users ACP), the selected users (even only one) does not receive an email informing his new status (active or inactive).

Anyway, forcing reactivation from the user ACP does send the user_resend_inactive.txt content (but only from the user admin).
phpBB 3.3.11
PHP Version 7.4.33
OS: Linux
httpd: Apache
How and when the BBS send an email to the users when deactivated or activated. Does this email actions requires an Extension or extra MOD?

In the email folder this text files, seems that are not being send:
user_activate_inactive .txt
user_activate .txt
admin_activate .txt
user_remind_inactive .txt <= this only works from ACP Users admin » Force reactivation)
Thanks in advance.

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