Competitive Quiz

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Competitive Quiz

Post by Hareon »

A quiz to promote competition and engagement on the forum would be really cool.

In this case, I imagine a quiz where there could be competition, not just a test of knowledge like normal quizzes.

What does a normal quiz have?
A player who answers questions.
The quiz shows options and one of them is correct.
The quiz can show the answer immediately or after the quiz.
The quiz counts points according to your correct answers.
The quiz can offer typeable answers.

What do I suggest?
For a competitive quiz, it would be interesting if there was time to be answered. For example, 3 minutes (customizable).

The quiz starts, then the question starts to be typed on the screen. The speed at which the question is typed can be customized. While the question is being typed, the answers already appear, giving the user the possibility to respond without having finished seeing the entire question.
While the question is being typed, time is running out.
After the question is completely typed, another 10-second timer appears to answer the question.

If the user answers the question, he earns 1 point.
If the user does not answer the question, their penalty is the time they have already wasted waiting for the 10 seconds to pass.
If the user gets a question wrong, 10 seconds are deducted from the main timer. This may show up in the hit rate of the final stats.

With this, we would have a certain competition, as the objective is to answer as many questions as possible before time runs out.

When the time is up, the statistics of the board members could be ranked. How many times you participated in the quiz, how many questions you got right, how many you got wrong and others.

The rank could be based on the number of hits. But it could be ordered by errors, success rate, playing time...

There could be quiz themes that the user could choose from and each of them would have a separate rank as well.

And have the possibility to access Leaderboards in other ways too.

Finally, integration with Ultimate Points (you can earn points if you reach "x" number of correct answers) and with Profile Flair (you can earn a flair by fulfilling certain conditions).
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