[3.3][DEV] Push notifications

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[3.3][DEV] Push notifications

Post by erdman »


I have a functional extension that adds push notification functionality using FCM.

Right now, I have spent countless hours on the extension already, but need someone with experience to help get this into beta followed with releasing it....

I currently have too many things hardcoded, most importantly the FCM config which will need to be put in other places.
Currently I am integrating with the regular notification, email or board, if you have any of these set you get a push notification. Would want to explore adding a third column for push notifications and send based on that logic.

While trivial, I have not created the structure for language support.

The to do list is a big one, and I am looking to partner with more folks to get it completed. I can upload to a public github if you think that will be better.

Feel free to PM me

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