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Vic D'Elfant
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Post by Vic D'Elfant »

Hm.. that will be tough ;)

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Post by espenhh »

Could someone please put a nice santa-hat on this one? Thanks!!! :D
(I know it isn't an easy thing to do, that's why I am asking for help :P) PS: don't change the size of it!

Nevermind: I did it by myself ;)
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Re: Santa hats

Post by noth »

Vic's is the biggest survivor - most Christmassy Penguin too!

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Re: Santa Hats

Post by Talk19Zehn »

Santa - Hat (Avatars) for XMAS-TIME and at the turn (?) of the year

Hello at all, perhaps take a look and read more ...., - regards
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Re: Santa hats

Post by battye »

battye wrote: Sun Dec 12, 2004 4:08 am This is what I use on other forums, a mate (AoK) made it for me, btw the jumper he's wearing is a footy team here (St Kilda) 8)
I posted this nearly 20 years ago, and after all that time I still use the same Christmas avatar! :mrgreen:

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Re: Santa hats

Post by romans1423 »

I frequented a lot back in the mid-2000s. I'm trying to get back into running a message board, and revisiting here, it's quite a delight to see a topic I recognized from way back on the front page of the general forum. Legends never die!

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