[Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

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[Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by Marc »

Use this topic to discuss the phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing blog post.
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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by danieltj »

A new version of phpBB? Don’t mind if I do.
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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by Scanialady »

Update test 3.3.11->3.3.12-RC1

PHP 8.2 - files method
PHP 8.1 - full package

both successful.

Thank you for this update.
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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by ssl »

The same for me going from 3.3.11 to 3.3.12 by injecting only the modified files, no problem.
For the moment no problem using the board either, PHP version 8.3
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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by Talk19Zehn »

Update test in the test board was successful:
Update via full version 3.3.11_ to_ 3312rc1 ....
PHP - 8.2.x, as there may be extensions that may not be compatible with PHP 8.3.x.
I have not tried or tested individual tests, such as registration, notations, password changes, etc.

Thanks to the developers for providing a test version. More will follow in the course of time, I think.

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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by Snoway »

good bro you can add new emojis?
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Re: [Discuss] phpBB 3.3.12-RC1 available for testing

Post by Kailey »

Snoway wrote: Sun May 19, 2024 12:29 am good bro you can add new emojis?
If you have a feature you would like to request, please post it in the correct area. A discussion topic about an upcoming release is not the place for such comments.
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