ACP ADD USER in 3.3.12

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ACP ADD USER in 3.3.12

Post by tco61 »

after upgrade to 3.3.12 i installed the ADD USER 1.0.5 new
Now i have the following information

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[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/ext/phpbbmodders/adduser/acp/adduser_module.php on line 33: Undefined array key "ACP_ADD_USER"
[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/ext/phpbbmodders/adduser/acp/adduser_module.php on line 76: Undefined array key "DIR_NOT_EXIST"
Is the extension not ready for 3.3.12?
Thanks for your help
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Re: ACP ADD USER in 3.3.12

Post by HiFiKabin »

To receive extension support please visit our Extensions Database and post in the specific extension's designated support area. The link to the support area for each released extension is also available in the first post of each released extension listed in the [3.3.x] Extension Database Releases forum. For extensions still in development (not recommended for a live board) support is in that extension's topic in the Extensions in Development forum.
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Re: ACP ADD USER in 3.3.12

Post by danieltj »

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