Issues with 3.3.12 update

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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by Mick »

thecoalman wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 2:15 pmThere is a actually a lot of actions with keyboard shortcut
Those, in most cases, have been there since the GUI was adopted, it’s just that a lot of people don’t use them as much anymore. Many modern devices such as mobile phones and tablets don’t have ctrl keys (or function keys) so I suppose folks have got out of the habit.
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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by rxu »

Keyboard shortcut issue might be a regression of this change ... a8092d2e00 but should be checked first.
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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by cabot »

Gumboots wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 10:51 pm TBH I think that trying to play silly buggers with accesskey (and tabindex) is a waste of time, and is just likely to screw other things.

Moreover, it is recommended that you avoid using accesskey wherever possible. ... y_concerns
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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by Gumboots »

Exactly, and tabindex as well.
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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by donaldN »

Posting here to mention the newposts issue on 3.3.12:

Selecting newposts no longer shows the newest posts since last login, it instead shows a growing list of posts, for several users this newposts selection is 6+ pages long (275 posts). I tried clearing the cache, marking the forums as read on my own account and the result has been the same.
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Re: Issues with 3.3.12 update

Post by Suzan »

rxu wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 2:16 pmCurrently user_lastvisit time is being syncronised with the most recent session_time which is the last (literally previous) visit time. This wasn't the case before as user_lastvisit was synced with the most recent expired session time (which is obviously earlier than the most recent one).
How would you explain the change to a person who always logs in and logs out and does not use "remember me"? What is a "session" because it seems to be something that keeps getting reset while they are active on the forum.

Previously, New Posts would mean when they log in in the morning, they would see all the posts (topics) which happened since their previous log out time. The total number of New Posts would continue to grow as they remain logged in because the elapsed time would be longer. The New Posts would basically reset when they log out.

Now if this person logs in and is on for several hours (automatic inactive logout is set to one hour so they are obviously active), the New Post count fluctuates up and down and up and down during the time they are logged in. (I was going to call it a logged in session, but it appears it is not a "session".) This user confusion was also described in Strange Results using New Posts Search Function in v3.3.12.

It's my understanding session_time is "UNIX timestamp of the last time the user clicked on a page" which would mean the start time for getting New Posts would continually change during their logged in period which is what seems to be happening.

Is that what the change meant to have happen?

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