problems with the attachment mod and external image posts

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problems with the attachment mod and external image posts

Post by mosmos »


I have a problem with the attachments.

First, when i upload pictures or files through using attachment mod, the files are now showing on the page(also there are no errors).

Second, when i try to put a image link or text in bbcode, it shows 2 same image and text on the topic page. I mean say i put 3 different image tag links and some text to the bbcode, it shows up with a 6 same images and 2 same text. It's really wierd tough because there isn't giving me an error or something. Just puts same whole message twice on the page.

Third, the column which is showing the number of attachments on the index page is not showing the numbers of the attachment and the text 'Attachments' which was on the right of the 'Topic' text is not shows up as well.

Could someone help me to fix those errors?

Thank you.

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Re: problems with the attachment mod and external image post

Post by jwunderly »

mosmos wrote: I have a problem with the attachments.

Please post this in the release topic for the the Attachments mod in the MOD Release and Announcements forum.
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