How to get people to post an a new forum?

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How to get people to post an a new forum?

Post by tplowe »

I have a new forum {spam} I am advertising on Google and I am getting some hits but no one will post. I am also offering a cash drawing, for posters.

I think my problem is my ads are getting users looking for info about Aspen, but no one who is interested in posting info about Aspen.

Maybe the demographics are off? People who can afford to ski at Aspen don't use forums?

I love forums as a useful tool, to get honest information on all sorts of subjects, but they are of little use to users unless you can get some info into the database.

Anyone have ideas on how to get this thing off the ground? Maybe I need to initially advertise somewhere else that will attract posters. Anyone with valid info about Aspen is welcome to post. At this rate you have a 1/1 chance of earning $250.00 for your trouble.

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Post by accaa »

I PM'ed you with one of solutions ;)
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Post by p3980 »

I joined your forum and posted an idea :D
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Post by pxlfreak »

I think you already know what you have to do.

But I'll say it anyway :)

People aren't just going to to come to a forum just to post (well some will, but those are the ones that just like to hear themselves talk and thier posts are usually worthless)

You need to create buzz and things for people to talk about until your forum is off the ground and your users generate thier own "buzz". Even after your forum starts to take care of itself as far as topics of discussion your still going to need to keep the content fresh.

So in short you need to have good relative content for people to show thier interest and start posting.

I myself just started a new forum as well and I post on the forums like I have a large member base (even though I dont) to give those viewing and joing something to talk about right away. So far its working and the number of registered users along with posts from others rises every week from them posting on the threads I have started.

Well thats my .02 cents :)

I wish you luck with your site/forum
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Post by Caedmon »

Hate to say it, but this is considered thinly veiled spam, and is against the rules.

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