How to find a username if you only have the email address ?

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How to find a username if you only have the email address ?

Post by ABCDiamond »

In Admin, how do you find a members username if you only have the email address ?

Is it actually possible ?

I've looked at:
User Admin
- Management

But it appears that you need to know the username to edit the user.
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Post by geocator »

Yeah, that is one of the more iritating missing things, IMO. The best way I know is to sort the memberlist by email and then go to it.

There is also a MOD that makes it a bit easier, but still sort and look: ... admin+user
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Post by -jm- »

You can also try this.
However it has not been validated by MOD team and you should ask for support about it @ phpbbhacks ;)
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