Time Format Question....

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Time Format Question....

Post by youngwun0 »

Hey everyone, Now I've been away from phpbb for quite a while but decided to came back to it again lol anyway today i download phpbb and set myself up with a skin 1 problem i have is the date format even though I'm trying to set it so that it show the "Month/Date/Year" In that order i changed it in the admincp and the lang_main.php files but still i see it in a different order... Anyone know the main place to change the date format ???

Thanks and any help would deeply be appreciated =)

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Post by albosky »

the overall date format for the forum is set in general configuration in the admin panel

just below default language

your personal setting is in your profile

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Post by muratelic »


For Example: d-m-Y G:i:s

You can set all users date format from MySQL phpbb_users & user_dateformat ;)


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