Pluto - A Planet no more

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Pluto - A Planet no more

Post by sempai » Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:40 am

Pluto stripped of its status as a planet

There is much heated debate on the discussion of Pluto. Back in my primary years, the solar system has been my favorite subject. Ever since then, there isn't much information on pluto over the years. Do you think exlusion of the farthest planet would it change our view of the solar system? Science teachers would say in the future that Pluto was once called a "planet".

Any thoughts? :)
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Post by karlsemple » Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:59 am

seems odd to think something i was taught at school not so long back may then turn out not to be the have it drummed into your head for so long its going to seem odd.

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Post by lurttinen » Fri Aug 25, 2006 6:16 am

Looks like the article missed out the object named UB313. Commonly known as "Xena"
Xena is also bigger than pluto so that is what caused them to rearrange the terms of planets

The Pluto is still there, Only the definition has changed.
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Post by starfoxtj » Fri Aug 25, 2006 8:22 am

Bah its been thought of as a planet so long they should keep its status!

But really, a planet is a subjective term that fits into a set critera, what stops them from revising the critera again in the near future? Might as well just leave it as is instead of having to reprint billions of books that say its a planet.
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Post by battye » Fri Aug 25, 2006 10:21 am

starfoxtj wrote: Bah its been thought of as a planet so long they should keep its status!

There is no scientific reasoning behind that, but I fully agree with you.
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Post by Nephrus » Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:01 pm

In school, we were taught that Pluto was a planet, or a dwarf planet at least. So not sure why it was removed, but I'm not a scientist/astronomer so I can't provide anything further than that.

Should've at least been called a planet since it had been called one for so long.
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Post by Newfie » Fri Aug 25, 2006 10:18 pm

The old saying:

"My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas"

would become

"My very educated mother just served us nachos"

or something like that

Anyone remember that?

With that mentality, shouldn't Rhode Island no longer be a state or PEI no longer be a province?

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Post by niksa » Fri Aug 25, 2006 11:14 pm

If we kept everything the same for the sake of tradition, or because "that's how we were taught" then nothing would progress!

Pluto is a minor planetary body... it's a part of the Kuiper belt. It's just as important as "Xena" or any of the other Kuiper belt objects. In the 1800s, we used to classify Ceres, an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter as a planet too. We got over it. ;)

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Post by dsprvd » Sat Aug 26, 2006 12:56 am

Heh I hope my teacher knows about this or I am bound to flunk this grade!

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Post by lazyleo » Sat Aug 26, 2006 8:18 am

Thank God! I Finished school...

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Post by Newfie » Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:51 am

The giant space rocks, whatever you call them, are still there as they are, it's more so an opinion about what is and isn't a planet.

Instead of planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, etc. maybe we should just call all of them "giant space rocks". That oughta clear it up for the astronomers who have a hard time making up their minds about what category each giant space rock would fit in. :lol:
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Post by » Sun Aug 27, 2006 7:30 pm

Meh, my science teacher says they change their minds every 10-15 years... :roll:

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Post by Anon » Sun Aug 27, 2006 8:02 pm

Nephrus wrote: So not sure why it was removed, but I'm not a scientist/astronomer so I can't provide anything further than that.

Because it is too small to be considered a full planet, and other forms larger than it are not. However I support changing it, since if it was never an actual planet, what's the point in addressing it as one? If we change it's status, future generations at least will not see it as a planet, so we'll forget about it completly

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Post by smithy_dll » Sun Aug 27, 2006 9:29 pm

It's a great outcome, and a huge win for science.

Science is about discovery. And now that we have an actual definition of what a planet is, we can go on discovering and classifying celestial bodies that are out there, both in our solar system, and others.

Remember, Pluto was only discovered in 1930, and at that time we thought it was much larger than it really is. In science we learn more about something, and we re-classify it if we need to. For example, we ourselves are all animals, it cannot be denied.

There is so much we do not know about our solar system, and projects such as the hubble space telescope have allowed us to learn so much more about our solar system, and the universe at large. There is still alot to learn out there for a long time yet. 8)

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Post by Vanderloogen » Tue Aug 29, 2006 1:37 am

I think it's just about a group of dudes who want to make a name for themselves

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