Trouble registering

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Trouble registering

Post by honeysmom »

We had some kinda glitch on her server, not sure what it is but the whole thing went down.

Since it has come back up no one is able to register in the forum. When they click on the register it immediately goes to the page that says you are over 13 click here page. It does not go to the page where you need to fill out the info.

If you click yes you are over 13 you recieve a message that says sorry this name has already been taken.

I have no idea why the registration page is directing them where it is. Any ideas??

Not sure where to find the verision of phpbb we are using but it is definitely one of the 2. something

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Re: Trouble registering

Post by KevC »

That message usually means the anonymous user has been deleted from the database.

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