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holy dog
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Post by holy dog »

Anyone here uses linux? Or i'm i the only real nerd at school to actually work linux with out a manual plus duel booting my comp with windows....
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Funk Theory
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Re: Linux

Post by Funk Theory »

We ran it on a test pc as part of a project at work using fedora. Generally it doesnt look any difference but installing software and printers was really hard going, all unix commands etc.
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Re: Linux

Post by smithy_dll »

Everything is easy as long as you know how to do it.

Linux pretty much installs itself, sets itself up, manages itself, and updates itself these days depending on the distribution.

Real nerds don't brag about trivial things like installing a consumer targeted operating system, but rather join the holy wars of which distribution is better and why. Not only that they will take a technical standpoint and discuss why. Emphasised for the point of this forum, discussion, not bragging rights.
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Re: Linux

Post by starware »

I use ubuntu linux except when I need my windows partition for applications.
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Re: Linux

Post by dllrsoft »

I use Kubuntu, I think that is de better Linux distribution for novices... ;)

I have proven several systems, but I have remained with Kubuntu...

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Re: Linux

Post by god0fgod »

Why do people say people who use linux are nerds? They are more likely to be bill gates haters and sensible people (sensible people don't use macs).
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Re: Linux

Post by oddfish »

occasionally get annoyed with vista so Ubuntu does me for a nice change (does all that I need bar gaming, faster database testing too) - it just works.
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Re: Linux

Post by »

Well, in my opinion, You can also use Microsoft Virtual PC. Thats a nice combination on a windows machine. You can download it from the microsoft website.

The basic aim is you can boot in Linux while operating in windows. :D
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Re: Linux

Post by ABDev »

If I remember, MS Virtual PC doesn't support correctly the Linux distributions. You can use VirtualBox, which can turn too on Linux systems.
You can find it on
I'm using myself Fedora 7 often, and sometimes Windows XP ;).
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Re: Linux

Post by mahiko »

I have a dual boot on my computer with Ubuntu linux.
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Re: Linux

Post by A.I. BOT »

I myself use Arch Linux. Its very bare minimum and sticks to it's KISS policy. I can install only what I want and need (I have full control), and pacman (the package manager) is blazing fast and easy to use, tons of packages available through official repos and AUR.

Great community support, easy installation and very well documented through the Arch Wiki. It's great for intermediate and advanced users and for computers slow/old or new/fast.
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Re: Linux

Post by Jhong »

I use 100% Ubuntu Linux at home -- on both my desktop and laptop.

No dual-booting (although the missus occasionally fires up WinXP in a Virtualbox Virtual Machine).

Couldn't be happier. Easier to use, easier to take care of.

I can't understand why people think software is "more difficult" to install. Couple of clicks in Synaptic manager and I have thousands and thousands of packages to choose from -- and they will keep themselves up to date for ever-more.

I used to use Windows, and the process there was different. Search Google. Find software. Look at site to determine if it is safe. Google on software to check for spyware reports. Download software/scan/install. If it is a trial version, decide whether to pay for it or eMule/torrent it. Wait. Then, when an updated version is released, do the whole process over again.

No way in heck that is easier than Linux. And no way I'd go back to it.
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Re: Linux

Post by beatme101 »

ABDev wrote:If I remember, MS Virtual PC doesn't support correctly the Linux distributions.

It's not Virtual PC that doesn't support Linux, it's that Linux doesn't support Virtual PC. Specifically, it is the dropped PS/2 mouse support (which was rather recent and ignorant of them -- alot of distros did it apparently, it might even be the kernel) and how Linux by default lamely uses 24 bit colour, which Virtual PC doesn't support. These problems make it incredibly difficult to install and use. While there is an acceptable workaround for the colour depth, the only workaround for the PS/2 mouse support disables internet access.

EDIT: Oh yeah. Yeah, I run Linux on Virtual PC. Ubuntu. An update disabled mouse support, and now I am forced to use a workaround which disables internet support to get my mouse back. It's really useless now that that has happenned. I also want to mention that Ubuntu is particularly horrible because it comes with Firefox, and further you cannot remove Firefox without destroying the operating system.
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Re: Linux

Post by |UVI| »

I use Debian, I love Debian
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Re: Linux

Post by richmaster »

well we used to have a windows computer that we turned in to linux, but we changed it back to windows 98
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