Mod teams using Subservsion or CVS

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Mod teams using Subservsion or CVS

Post by Yautja_cetanu »

Did a quick search and found nothing. But are there any mod teams that have used Version Control to help collaborate and further their development? Especially teams with multiple mods on the same repository?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials of how to use SVN whilst making mods for phpbb. A Kind of "best practises" thing (I'm currently reading the SVN book, so I'm talk about specifically stuff related to phpbb). A couple of things particularly:

1) Any general tips people learnt, or problems they encountered using SVN to make mods\
2) Anyone use SVN diff's to easily make modx files? IF they do then
2a) Any advice on how to organise branches (Especially if you have multiple mods, that rely on other mods and then phpbb being updated itself). For example if you're making a mod for RC4 and then RC5 is released. Do you update phpbb in the repository? Wouldn't these updates be included in the diffs if you tried making a modx file? is it possible to do diffs that ignore a particular revision?
2b) Anyone think you could automatically generate modx files from the diffs easily? (I have some ideas on how to do this)
3) Do you put the modx files themselves under version control?
4) Have you got any SVN guidelines you use for new members of your mod team?

And then anything else?
I've got some answers and ideas to these questions but was just wondering what is out there.
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Re: Mod teams using Subservsion or CVS

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

m157y and I have been using an SVN repository for the Karma me, it has been a pain. If I were going to do it again, I would put an entire phpBB install into the repository, and not bother with any install.xml file until you get ready for a release. When only an install.xml file is used and one of us changes the MOD, I always re-install the MOD from scratch to be sure I don't have any wierd bugs -- which is a royal PITA, and defeats the purpose of version control.

It makes languages a lot easier, though.

Use one branch for each MOD.
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Re: Mod teams using Subservsion or CVS

Post by m157y »

hm, if you will develop mod with somebody, you can put full installation of phpbb+this_mod to svn repository on localhost and add all phpbb's files to ignore list(for disabling uploading it to svn rep on, for example), but i'm use one folder for mod's repository on local and one folder for phpbb+mod.. when i'm update local repository i'll always see differents with beyond compare(you can use for it something else, eg winmerge).. and i'll manually do all changes to phpbb's files and replace mod's files.. but i'll see changes at mod's files too, for knowing what was changed.. and if i see error, i'll fix at once :)
about install.xml (or i prefer MODTITLE.xml): i think, that it must be maked only with release, and for all dev/alpha/beta versions it not needed, because i think that it's unnecessary time spending :) text format of mod install-instructions it's better for developing :)

now some thoughts about what must be at repository:
  1. if one mod:
    • branches or tags - here will be public versions and it's have structure like

      Code: Select all

      i think you understand what i mean :)
    • trunk here will be all developments :) and tags/branches will be splitted from here :)
  2. if more than one mod:
    here all like one mod, but we have more folders :)
i think you understand all of this :)

and some more about modx, i'm prefer to do it manually :) because i'm like do it manually :) i don't think that if it's will be generated it'll be always right :) i'm trust to me or co-developer and don't trust to auto generator :) and of course it'll be published to svn :)
// 2) of course i'll be use diffs :) i don't want to rewrite whole modx template :)

i'm sending some instructions to users who don't know how to use svn, but after this little instruction i'll post some links to software helps :) because with help to software it's more easy to understand all aspekts of work with svn :)

i don't think that phpbb installation must be at repository :) only mod(s)..
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