Log on automatically not working!

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Log on automatically not working!

Post by hasyashah »

When someone checks the box: Log me on automatically next time I visit; it doesnt work. How can I fix this for my forums so ppl dont have to log in everytime.

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Re: Log on automatically not working!

Post by scott_thewspot »

Check the url for the forum under cookie settings is correct for your board.
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Re: Log on automatically not working!

Post by tvon »

might want to check this thread: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 6&t=577892

i'm having the same problem, but I still dont have any luck. Its ignoring any of my cookie settings that i've changed. But that thread above has some first-try troubleshooting things you can try out. But none has worked for me, thinking its a bug.


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