-Newbie- Style Questions....

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-Newbie- Style Questions....

Post by K2-Kelly »

Hi All;

I'm absolutly new to ALL of this even struggling to simply get my second version of a website and forum up and running.....So why not make it extra hard on myself and see if I can make the style I envision as well. What I hope to accomplish is most likely simple, yet new to all this difficult to find, so here is what I believe I'm going to have difficulty finding/learning.....

1. I'd like to make all background fields "invisible/transparent". In other words, set myself a static non-scrolling background, and have the text, icons and borders scroll. A good example of this is as follows:

I set this as my background:

Then using sub silver as an example shown here:

Make everything you see as pink here transparent leaving only text and borders so the background shows through:

2. My next question deals with the catagory and general borders.....Can a .gif or .jpg be used instead of just a color?

3. I'd like to use a particular "font" for the text (Kudasai).....Now I believe the user will have to have this on their pc to see it. To rectify that I intend on having a link to optionally install it if they wish. However, I need to learn how to add it to the style, and also add it to the font list if you could tell me please?.....Also, can I select a "secondary" font to be used if they do not have it installed?

4. Auto Scaling (for varied user resolutions), is it a part of PhP3.0? Or do I need to script it in and if so where?

Various other issues such as icons and the like I believe I can find info on. Thanks for any help you can give.


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