how would

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childlike grace
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how would

Post by childlike grace »

How would phpBB2 handle a load like ? They're on vB right now and mySQL times out a lot...

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Post by theFinn »

phpBB2 has never been tested under that load but I would guess it would fare just as well as vB. The problem isn't the scripting, its MySQL. I've seen vB boards with ALOT more concurrent users then that one :)

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James 'theFinn' Atkinson
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Boby Dimitrov
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Post by Boby Dimitrov »

What do you mean "that load"? How about Flashkit? Over 230 000 members and about 900 000 posts. I guess it's up to the sql, not the board, but how many people say "They have really speedy sql on stable servers" instead of "Wow, this board rocks!!!".

Anyway, I believe phpBB can handle such load too:)!

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Post by Shantra »

How much load can the mySQL take?
Just wondering :)

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Post by AL »

if you have a BIG board then you could probably afford to have a different back-end than mySQL. since phpBB2 has the database abstraction layer it should do even better on DB2, Oracle, etc. :)


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