Character spontaneously changes in a file

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Character spontaneously changes in a file

Post by Timmer »

I was surfing my web site this morning and went to read a PM. The PM function was working all morning but suddenly it quit working. The error message said something was wrong with kmg() in line 186 of file ucp_pm_viewmessage.php.

I went to to research the kmg() function but there wasn't any reference to it. That's odd.

Then I decided to take a peek at the PHP file and look at line 186. I found something that looked like this:

Code: Select all

Line 186: ... kmg(foo) ...
Line 187: ... img(foo) ...
Line 188: ... img(foo) ...
Judging from the context I quickly deduced that line 186 should also read img() and not kmg(). But how did that problem happen in the first place?

I checked the timestamp on the PHP file and it hadn't been touched in months. Scary.

So I manually edited and saved the file and the problem was fixed.

But now I'm very concerned about how something like this could happen. Apparently in this PHP file the letter "I" was spontaneously changed to the letter "K" even though the file hadn't been touched. Is this a sign the hard drive on my server is going bad? In the computer just one bit of information being off can shut down an entire system so this is very troubling.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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