"Cannot connect to databse"

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"Cannot connect to databse"

Post by JCProject »

I have installed phpBB many times before, but now with this new version , which I like MUCH better, it always gives me the same error:

Cannot connect to database.

Can anyone help me?

- Jared
Kage Musha
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Post by Kage Musha »

Are you doin a fresh install? If so be sure your config.php file is empty.

And if you're upgrading, check if the settings in your Config.php file are the right one.
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Post by rmang »

Also make sure the database exists first, and you have the right username/password.

Rob M.
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Post by Kylecool »

Make sure the host is correct. Check the user's password. It is case-sensitive. Also, make sure the user has permission to that db. ;)

-Kyle 8)

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