Joomla 1.56 and PHPBB3

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Joomla 1.56 and PHPBB3

Post by atrhick »

Morning everyone I have a question I hope you all will be able to answer for me.

I have a PHPBB3 forum running and I would like to change the front end of my web site to Joomla, however I would like to have the forum members Log into the front end site also with our registering again. Is there any way to do this and should I use a different database doe Joomla and PHPBB3 or the same database. :oops:

And last but not least how what software would I need to get this done, my site is here

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Re: Joomla 1.56 and PHPBB3

Post by ahoy »

There r a few bridges out there - I recommand:
IT & Technology consulting and managment.
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