<--- noob - help pls

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This forum is now closed due to phpBB2.0 being retired.
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<--- noob - help pls

Post by m82palmer »

well first off im a noob :wink:

im playing around with styles atm(it hasnt even left localhost yet), and i have two questions which im hoping you guys may be able to answer pls

1) ive seen what looks like a mouseover script working on the forum index. (when you put you mouse over the topic the background changes colour...is this easy to do?...if so how pls?

2) ive seen what i think is a mod or addon that shows the last 5 topics that have had a post and what user posted it..(omg that is one bad description :( )...if you know what im talking about...is this easy to set up?...if so how pls?
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Post by blueadmin »

Both of those are mods, look in the mod section and do a search for it.
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