Managing phpbb via CLI

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Re: Managing phpbb via CLI

Post by warmweer »

hiran wrote: Tue Apr 02, 2024 12:07 pm For upgrades, I download the new distribution but just extract the install folder, so that I can run the upgrade from my existing installation to the desired one. During the upgrade the remainder of the files will be downloaded automatically? At least that's what I understand from the above.
If you only uploaded the install folder then it won't work, as you're not following any of the install instructions (there is full package, changed files only, patch files and advanced update package >>> each have different install instructions.)
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Re: Managing phpbb via CLI

Post by hiran »

Oh, I was not aware of update packages. Just checked and I see that the Full Package upgrade is recommended.
I will read more on ... date_full/

Thank you.

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