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Search in Russian text

Post by AndyX »

The search engine of phpBB2 dosn't work with russian text in topics. How can i fix this problem? :roll:
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Post by chAos »

a guy made a post about the same problem but with hebrew.

a mystery for me. :?: :?: :?:
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Post by RomanZu »

I have solved a problem of russian search. :)

In function_search.php there is a function split_words which does not pass Russian letters because of regular expression:
preg_match_all('/(\*?[a-z0-9]+\*?)|\b([a-z0-9]+)\b/', $entry, $split_entries);

I have replaced this line on:
preg_match_all('/(\*?[а-яa-z0-9]+\*?)|\b([а-яa-z0-9]+)\b/', $entry, $split_entries);

I.e in 2 places I have added the first and last letter of the Russian alphabet in expression

I Think that with other languages it too should work
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Post by RomanZu »

In the previous message forum instead of letters has substituted unicode code.

I.t. instead of &#1072 and &#1103 necessary to insert letters.
(I hope this time all will be OK)
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Post by Rebelqwe »

I have this fix but Russian search still not work.

function split_words(&$entry, $mode = 'post')
$rex = ( $mode == 'post' ) ? "/\b(\w[\w']*\w+|\w+?)\b/" : '/(\*?[а-яa-z0-9]+\*?)|\b([а-яa-z0-9]+)\b/';
preg_match_all($rex, $entry, $split_entries);

return $split_entries[1];
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Post by gooRu »

Sorry! Still not work!
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Post by Techie-Micheal »

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Post by puzo »

had the same thing with Hebrew on version 2.01 (but im not that guy)


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