phpBB 2.2 M-2 completion ... and M-3

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phpBB 2.2 M-2 completion ... and M-3

Post by psoTFX »

As some may have already seen we completed what we're classing as the second milestone of phpBB 2.2, M-2 yesterday. We have four milestones in total and thus are "half way there" so to speak.

Remember, we maintain a development board @ which can give you an idea of what is happening day to day. We also maintain a gallery for areas hidden from users (unless you install a snapshot!). This can be access from the area51 index @

Now, I'd like to give everyone an overview now of some of the things phpBB 2.2 offers compared to phpBB 2.0 ... remember, this is an overview, not an exhaustive list:

  • Overhauled Administration Control Panel with new, consistent look
  • Removal of templated admin, change to hard coded HTML to improve consistency and reduce issues with support and new moules
  • Configuration split into several seperate forms offering numerous new functions
  • Load management to fine tune the board for higher (or lower) processing situations
  • Completely revamped style system
  • Ability to manipulate templates online
  • Fine control of theming, based on CSS but with a friendly front end (raw css mode retained for those that prefer it)
  • Ability to export archives containing all relevant style or style element data (archives can be compressed if suitable support exists in PHP)
  • Ability to remotely install new styles (subject to filesystem permissions and safe mode off)
  • Updated permission system offering numerous options to finely control what a user can do, what an admin can do and what a moderator can do
  • Updated group system
  • Multiple group leaders (formerly moderators)
  • Ability to add, remove, demote, promote users to and from groups in the admin control panel
  • Ability to assign username colouration to groups rather than being based on user_level (no longer exists)
  • Ability to assign ranks to all group members
  • Ability to assign a single "default usergroup" for users from which colour and rank assignments are derived
  • Updated forum management
  • Ability to more precisely control features such as auto-pruning
  • Passworded forums for those quick n dirty moments
  • Per forum styles
  • Authentication plugins allowing for alternative user login verification, e.g. LDAP, Apache auth, etc.
  • Attachment option management
  • Allow filetypes
  • Group filetypes
  • Create thumbnails of oversized images
  • Limit attachment number and size
  • Display images inline or via link
  • Ban usernames, email addresses and IPs for limited time or until specified date
  • Exclude usernames, email addresses and IP's from banning
  • Give reason for banning
  • Comprehensive logging of administration, moderation and critical actions
Index, viewforum, viewtopic
  • Unlimited subforum nesting
  • Optional "Birthday" display
  • Admin definable "users online" time
  • Improved display and consistency for show online
  • Forum as link to remote or local destination with click through counter
  • Global announcements (display in all forums)
  • Optional topic and post icons
  • Topic posted to marking
  • Database and cookie stored topic read marking
  • Forum watching (subscription) as well as topic watching
  • Per user definable "Display topics from" output for viewforum
  • viewforum searchbox
  • Optional online/offline indication in viwtopic
  • Report post to moderator
  • Rate post good/bad (used for Karma calculations)
  • Additional quick mod features such as make stick, make global, split, merge, etc.
  • Printable view
  • Email topic url to friend (with additional note)
  • Jump to first unread post (or last post if all read)
  • Moderation of individual users or groups of users posts in each forum
  • Post count incrementation on per user/group per forum basis
  • Optional topic/post icon
  • Admin definable character limit for messages
  • Additional bbcode functionality
  • Lock topic when replying
  • Lock post to prevent editing
  • Multiple attachments per post with comments
  • Ability to alter and add attachments when editing post
  • Multiple option polling
  • User definable "number of selectable options"
  • Updated poll option entry method
  • Ability to quote message from topic review (template support dependant)
  • Improved backend message parsing engine
  • Significantly reduced posting times when editing post options but making no changes to message
  • New front end
  • Quick listing of unmoderated posts, most recent reports, moderator log, etc.
  • Improved detail output for given post
  • Lock post from editing from MCP
  • Ability to approve or disprove posts up for moderation
  • Review reports, discard reports, discard reported post
  • Topic merge of selected posts to selected topic
  • Permission based alteration of forum details, name, description, etc.
  • Comprehensive logging of moderator actions
  • Updated topic moderation such as change topic icon, etc.
  • Improved, more solid backend
User Options
  • User Control Panel replacing old profile screen
  • Modular "plug-in" style system
  • New front end
  • Quick listing of statistics and important (global) announcements
  • List of watched (subscribed) forums and topics
  • Seperated profile, preferences, signature, avatar forms
  • Increase number of profile options, jabber instant messaging support
  • Improved number of preference options
  • New post viewing options; do not view avatars, smilies, etc.
  • Permission based limitations on username, email and password changing
  • Birthday field
  • Daylight Savings switch
  • Improved signature entry, mimics posting screen
  • Preview signature before submit
  • Seperate avatar form
  • Offsite/linked avatar size verification upon submit
  • Permission based viewing of profiles, memberslist, etc.
  • Further information for profile views; signature, most active, last active, etc.
  • Overhauled user search facility with many options
  • Supports form elements which accept multiple usernames
  • Improved instant messaging interfaces particularly for Jabber
  • Quick registration system with visual confirmation
Backend improvements
  • "Intelligent" caching of global data and any desired SQL query
  • Updated templating system with conditional statements
  • Built-in compilation of templates to reduce system load
  • Consolidation of numerous source files
  • Increasing use of modular components
That is a brief overview of the changes ... there are many more and backend changes go much further :)

I'll now give a brief overview of some of the things planned (they may not all appear) for Milestone-3 (M-3). This is from our internal list (viewable by all team members) which has existed for several months now and thus predates many other boards "unique" or "brand new" features :)
  • Further modularisation of MCP and ACP
  • Buddy/ignore list
  • Overhaul of User admin
  • Force user reactivation
  • Password change reminders
  • Admin definable profile fields
  • Admin definable BBCode
  • User facing group control panel updates
  • Support for search engine spidering sessions
  • Further MCP additions
  • User warning/auto-ban system
  • Change topic author
  • Prune topics to given forum (trash can/archive to forum type support)
  • Updated search system
  • Search topic
  • Possible support for builtin fulltext capabilities of DB
  • Improved search feedback to user, list ignored common words, stop words, etc.
  • Bump topic
  • Critical failure logging
  • Mass forum operations, e.g. lock all forums in a category
  • Improvements in Jabber integration
  • Further improvements in styling and feedback
Following M-3 one further milestone is planned. This will introduce some potentially quite neat modular automation capabilities (if it works out :D), updated private mesagging with message "histories", forwarding, etc.
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