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Post count help

Post by run »

Hello, just set up my board... Where do i find the thing that has post count? I want to raise peoples post count, and delete if they spam like Mods i can raise theirs Please help

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Post by phpbb2_fan »


I don't really know what you mean. Do you want to add ranks, or change the post count?

To add ranks, ACP -> Ranks

For mods you can set a special rank and assign that via ACP -> User management

As for increasing post count, you would have to do that via your database

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Post by Drexion »

You can change the post count of a user via a simple query.
UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_posts = numberhere WHERE username = "NameHere";


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UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_posts = 500 WHERE username = "Drexion";
If you find yourself having to do so on a continual basis, there are MODs such as this one for it.

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