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Post by onehundredandtwo »

I was reading about the current IPv4 issue, and how IPv6 will soon be the successor of IPv4. I just a few questions about IPv6 -
  • Does phpBB support IPv6?
  • If so, how does it handle sessions?
That's all I can think of right now, but I would be interested to know how phpBB handles this. :)

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Re: IPv6?

Post by Marshalrusty »

If I recall correctly, phpBB3 is not completely compatible with IPv6, but things like sessions should work. phpBB 3.2 will be written with IPv6 in mind.

I would not say that IPV6 will be replacing IPV4 soon. Market saturation is currently well under 1 percent.
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Re: IPv6?

Post by Techie-Micheal »

IPv6 was supposed to replace IPv4 7 years ago. I don't think it is going to replace IPv4 any time soon, sadly. If you look at my location, you'll see it is a IPv6 address. :P
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Re: IPv6?

Post by Dog Cow »

I have a Mac OS X machine at home which I sometimes switch into IPv6 mode. From what I can tell, phpBB 3 is fully compatible with the v6 protocol for it does not hex encode the IP addresses as does phpBB 2.

phpBB 2 is the one which is not fully compatible with IP v6. All the addresses will become
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Re: IPv6?

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

I'm only aware of two bugs when running phpBB in an IPv6 context:

1) The FTP class cannot connect to an IPv6 server: #12277
2) The $user->page array contains incorrect data when running the board at an IPv6 address.

I believe everything works properly when the end user is logging in from an IPv6 computer. There just are some potential problems when the hosting server is using it.
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Re: IPv6?

Post by 3Di »

IPV6 is only used as a test-frame in Olympus I can say, I asked Devs many months ago and also the code related is there to be read.

sessions.php from includes folder:
// check IPv4 first, the IPv6 is hopefully only going to be used very seldomly
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Re: IPv6?

Post by ThatGuy_ZeroByte »

Techie-Micheal wrote:IPv6 was supposed to replace IPv4 7 years ago. I don't think it is going to replace IPv4 any time soon, sadly. If you look at my location, you'll see it is a IPv6 address. :P
That was how I felt until my company received a letter from ARIN last month. (ARIN = American Registry for Internet Numbers, i.e. the numbering authority for North and South America)

The letter was informing my company (a local phone company) that as of May 16, 2009, they were going to begin enforcing a much more strict policy of IPv4 allocation justification standards, due to the fact that IPv4 is projected to be completely allocated mid-year of 2011. They suggested strongly for us to begin supporting IPv6.

I have begun doing just that, and as such, am looking into PHPbb's support for IPv6, as I am going to be using it to run our alpha / beta testers forums, and it would seem dumb to run our IPv6 portal on something that doesn't support the technology. ;)

I just wanted to throw that in the ring for discussion, as those who hold the view "we'll never go v6 because it's been aroudn for a decade so far, and nobody's using it" are in for a rude awakening as I was myself.

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