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Support Toolkit RC3

Post by Marshalrusty »

We are proud to announce the availability of the Support Toolkit RC3 package.

This release fixes a number of bugs, including a recent issue caused by an update to UMIL. The following is a non-exhaustive list of changes since RC2:
  • [Add] Add the ability to "mass demote" founders through the list founders tool. (Bug #51435)
  • [Add] "Resync users with newly registered users group" tool. (Bug #52405)
  • [Fix] "Recreate Module Management modules" tool now also re-enables the modules if required.
  • [Fix] Set the correct language packs for phpBB <= 3.0.2. (Bug #51535)
  • [Fix] Display correct messages when fields are filled out incorrectly in the add user tool. (Bug #52385)
  • [Fix] Updates of UMIL break the Support Toolkit. (Bug #53375)
If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

As always, assistance with installation, updating or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available in the Support Forum. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team

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