Site Permissions are screwed up.

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Site Permissions are screwed up.

Post by faqbch99 »

I am running PHPBB3.0.5 I am hosted on a hostgator VPS I have many mods installed and I have migrated my site from 1 host to another.

None the less this was all some time ago. Well today, someone pointed out that ALL Registered users have Moderator Control Panel and mod access.. and I learned that ALL Moderators have full Admin access.

I thought my site had 3 admin, and 3 mod. I have reviewed all settings in the control panel and it is all looking to be set correctly, but honestly I am not sure.

What I really need is a PHP Expert to look the site over and give me a hand getting this setup correctly.

I dont even know where to begin fixing it as it looks correct in the control panel.

Please advise options (Other then stasrting over!!)

BTW I have 1500 registered and active users.

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Re: Site Permissions are screwed up.

Post by nuckfan15 »


Try filling out the Support Request Template :
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Make use of the Support Request Template when seeking support.
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Re: Site Permissions are screwed up.

Post by faqbch99 »

Support Request Template
What version of phpBB are you using? phpBB 3.0.5
What is your board's URL?
Who do you host your board with? hostgator on a VSP
How did you install your board? I used the download package from
Is your board a fresh install or a conversion? Update from a previous version of phpBB3
Do you have any MODs installed? Yes
Is registration required to reproduce this issue? Yes
What version of phpBB3 did you update from? phpBB 3.0.5
What MODs do you have installed? I have a whole lot of mods installed
What styles do you currently have installed? prosilver
What language(s) is your board currently using? US English
Which database type/version are you using? I Don't Know
What is your level of experience? Comfortable with PHP and phpBB
What username can be used to view this issue? PM ME FOR IT
What password can be used to view this issue?
When did your problem begin? I am not exactly sure when, it might have been over 3 months.
Please describe your problem. I currently have 4 Admins, 6 Mods and 1367 Registered users as defined in the control panel

My Mods all have full admin access and my Registered users all have full Mod access. I can not figue out why registered users have access to the Mod Control Panel or why my Mods are getting access to my Admin Contol panel.

Here are 2 user id's you can review with..
User rich is setup as a Admin with admin access
User rjw is setup as a Registered user (but for some reason has mod control panel)

If you need access to my cpanel or mysql DB, we can make that happen.

I just do not know what i did or when i did it to screw up site permissions. Please help me get things corrected.


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